The vibes collection 2020 is a webshop created by Chinook Vandecasteele, a Belgium sunchasing sunbum who has a love for travelling and tropical destinations.
Together with her boyfriend Tommy she opened a Hawaiian inspired restaurant in the city of Antwerp in 2018 named Aloha.
After 2 years of having their pop-up restaurant they decided to open a new restaurant with an international kitchen inspired by their travels around the world called 'Ohana'.
Besides her love for hospitality Chinook also has a love for silver jewellery with a story. 
She loves to buy a new silver ring on every travel journey so she can keep the memories alive around her fingers.
And that's exactly what what Vibes Collection is all about; memories, love, travelling, sea, sun and surf.
She wants to bring that vacation kinda feeling to you every time of the year.