All of our jewellery is hand crafted in Bali and made from 925 Sterling silver. Please read the care instructions below so that you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time.

What is 925 Sterling silver?

Pure silver on its own is too soft to be worn as jewellery. To make sure your jewellery keeps its form, silver is mixed with other metals which prevents your jewellery from getting scratched or dented easily. This mixture is known as 925 sterling silver and typically has a silver content of 92,5% .

Silver is more prone to tarnishing from oxidization than other precious metals, which can cause its surface to dull or discolour. You can help prevent this by caring and storing your silver properly.

Why does my silver jewellery turn grey/black?

Oxidization, humidity and exposure to perfume/deodorant/body lotions etc. are the main reasons for tarnished silver. Please note that this sometimes may happen within weeks/months of first wearing. By cleaning your jewellery regularly you will bring back that lovely silvery shine.


All silver will eventually start to tarnished if not cleaned regularly. To slow down this process, we advise you to remove your jewellery when cleaning, swimming, showering, bathing and performing sports.


Polish your jewellery regularly with a soft cotton cloth or polishing cloth to remove dirt and oil.

For a deep cleaning of your jewellery, we recommend using special silver products and warm water. Regular soap may cause your silver to appear dull. 


To store your favourite silver jewellery, we recommend you to keep them away from sunshine and moisture. Store them in a separate container from other metals, as contact may speed up the tarnishing of silver.