How to clean your silver jewellery

How to clean your silver jewelry.

First things first!

We need to avoid the jewelry get tarnished so very important to storage your items appropriate.

A few tips:

Clean your jewelry before storing it.

2. Store your silver in airtight boxes

Make sure your boxes/ items are in a dark place

4. Separate your items from each other not all together

But now the real question!

 What to do with your favorite silver jewelry piece that is tarnished...

Don't ever throw it away (everrr!) Our silver items are forever pieces and we will explain how to clean it

The soapy water method.

What you need:

- a bowl
- warm water
- soap
- tooth brush
- polishing cloth

Let's start!

Add silver jewelry to a bowl with warm soapy water

Use a very soft toothbrush or cloth to gentle scrub your jewelry clean

Rinse in clean water and dry using soft cotton or polishing cloth

Your silver jewelry will shine like never before!