Get to know Amy!

Who is Amy?

You will probably have seen Amy already a few times here on vibes collection but also in Ohana!  
Amy started working for Aloha already 3 years ago as a student in the pop up restaurant. 
​She is working as a full time bartender, social media strategist and marketing expert but she likes the name COO the most hahaha 😂
We are nieces and started to connect more and more with each other over time.
Especially after our trip to Thailand together. 🌴
I can describe here as;
- an optimist
- always smiling
- she tries to see the good in everything.  
She is a huuuge fashion lover and she loves to express herself through her outfits! 
She does lots of things with social media and loves to connect with other peeps.
Traveling is a must in her life and she can't wait to grow up and discover more places.